I am proud to say I’m from Amherst, New York, a suburb in the Buffalo-Niagara region of Western New York – yeah, we get a bad rap from some things – snow, sports, weather, hockey, football…you get the picture. But for what little bad there really is (the weather isn’t that bad and we love our sports teams through thick and – a lot of – thin!), there’s so much more that is absolutely awesome about “B-lo”: cultural activities, fall festivals and events, outdoor summer concerts nearly every night of the week, wine trails and events, food festivals, garden events, unique shopping opportunities, and the downtown waterfront on Lake Erie that is on its way to becoming awesome. We’re a two hour drive from Toronto, a one-hour flight from New York City and home to one of the original natural wonders of the world.
These are some of my favorite places and events in the area – and the list will keep growing as I explore the area more each year.

Buffalo faves:
·         The National Garden Festival
·         Local Restaurant Week
·         Summer outdoor concert venues
·         The Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens
·         Erie Basin Marina Trial Gardens
·         Albright-Knox Art Gallery
·         Delaware Park
·         The Podge
·         Dunn Tire Raceway Park
·         Holland Speedway
·         Ransomville Speedway
·         Medina Railroad Museum

What to do in Buffalo-Niagara series:
·         Spring
·         Summer
·         Fall
·         Winter