Friday, March 28, 2014

Plantasia: March 22nd, 2014

There’s one thing I love about the end of March (besides the fact that I’m off snowplowing duty!) – it’s time for Plantasia, the annual garden show at the Hamburg Fairgrounds. It’s a great place to shop, get ideas and just get an overall taste of spring – while trying to convince yourself (especially after this year!) that, yes, spring is REALLY coming!

This year’s theme was “Party in the Garden” – this display had one of the best party themes going!

There was a lot of outdoor lifestyle displays, like this backyard golf course:

…and this cool treehouse (it just screams Mayan temple to me!):

There were also lots of succulents…

…and lots of whimsy!

One thing I wasn’t crazy about: too many “non-garden” sales pitches. I understand grill pans and wine for the party theme, but handmade soaps and candles are a little off-topic. I was also really hoping there would be more landscapers at the show who don’t work exclusively with one type of stone product – because I have all the stone I need for my project, I just want it rearranged!