Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Elegant Builders Raceway Park – August 17th, 2013

The track formerly known as Lancaster Speedway and Dunn Tire Raceway Park hosted its big annual Modified event, the Tommy Druar-Tony Jankowiak Memorial 110, on Saturday, August 17th, and it had the potential to be part of a big weekend for Erick Rudolph, who won the $13,000-to-win Summernationals at Ransomville Speedway the night before.

Erick Rudolph

Some of the biggest names in Modified racing in the NY/PA area were at the track for this special event to honor the brothers-in-law who both lost their lives in Modified racing accidents, including Matt Hirschman, Rudolph, Chuck Hossfeld, Billy Putney and Andy Jankowiak, who was honoring his father and uncle that night.

Andy Jankowiak
The night didn’t end with a perfect weekend for Rudolph, but he was the runner-up – the win belonged to – who else? – Hirschman.

Matt Hirschman (60) leading Mike Feibelkorn Jr. (10) and Karl Hehr (59)

Monday, September 16, 2013

2013 travels: New York Wine and Culinary Center in Canandaigua

As part of my recent bus trip to Canandaigua, we visited the New York Wine and Culinary Center, located at 800 S. Main St.

The Center’s mission, according to its website, “is to educate, engage and excite our visitors by celebrating and showcasing New York’s finest in wine, food and agriculture. Whether you have 30 minutes or an entire day, The Center offers you an array of inviting experiences in a setting that proudly highlights the natural beauty, rich history and agricultural bounty of New York State. Through supportive partnerships with area farmers, winemakers, artisans and entrepreneurs, The New York State Wine & Culinary Center brings you the best of New York, all in one beautiful and scenic spot on the northern shore of Canandaigua Lake.”

We sat in on a class in the Educational Theatre, which had a very nice set-up for a cooking class. Unfortunately, I wasn’t a big fan of the entrée presented, but the salad wasn’t bad and the dessert was unbelievable (I do love peaches!)!

I do, however, intend to make a trip back to the NYWCC someday, because in looking over their class list, I’m very impressed: from apple pie baking workshops to bread baking to chocolate truffles and homemade pizza, there are actually too many reasons for me to want to go back – I wish it was closer, I’d be in some serious trouble!

Find the class list and more information on the NYWCC at

All photos: Paula Thompson Freelance

Saturday, September 14, 2013

2013 travels: Sweet Expressions in Canandaigua

My recent bus trip to Canandaigua included a side trip to Sweet Expressions, located at 169 S. Main St. in Canandaigua. To call this a candy store is an understatement – it’s confectionary bliss! Silky chocolates, bark of all kinds, truffles, sugar -free items and much more line the shelves. There is also a gourmet food section featuring foods from New York State and the Finger Lakes region, which Canandaigua is a part of.

One of the samples we received upon arrival was a piece of salted milk chocolate bark – I didn’t understand the whole salted chocolate movement until the moment I tasted this! Instead of using sea salt, they used a locally-produced coarse-grain salt – just downright delicious!

As a parting gift, we got this beautiful milk chocolate grape cluster – signifying the wine region – filled with chocolate cabernet wine sauce from Arbor Hill Winery, located at the southern end of Canandaigua Lake.

Check out Sweet Expressions online at

all photos: Paula Thompson Freelance