Thursday, July 5, 2012

RoC Modifieds at Holland Speedway – June 30th

Hoping for much better results than the previous week’s race at DTRP, Dad and I headed to Holland Speedway last Saturday to watch the RoC Modifieds. In spite of my seemingly life-long involvement in auto racing through Dad, I had never been to Holland…see, they race the same night as Lancaster…er, DTRP, so Dad’s priority has always been his own teams (totally understandable). Through some stroke of luck (or maybe good scheduling), the weekly Saturday show at DTRP was “Crashorama” that night, and Dad is on a Modified kick – lucky me!! :)
Unlike last week’s “demo derby,” there were fewer cautions at Holland, but just as much action! No last lap craziness this time – Matt Hirschman took the lead convincingly from Chuck Hossfeld with a number of laps to go and didn’t look back.
I’m hoping some of these same drivers head back to DTRP for the Druar/Jankowiak Memorial 110 in August – ‘cause I’m on a Modified kick now! :)

All photos: Paula Thompson Freelance

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