Sunday, July 29, 2012

Heart at Artpark – July 24th

I often say that, personally, there are only two genres of music: that which I like and that which I don’t like. That’s because my musical tastes run the gamut – ABBA to ZZ Top is NOT an exaggeration! You’ll see what I mean this year, as the four concerts I've had tickets for this summer (there may be a fifth – we’ll see…) are from a pretty wide range of music. I already saw Huey Lewis earlier this month, and this past Tuesday, once again at Artpark in Lewiston, I saw a group that I’ve wanted to see for many years – Heart.

Ann Wilson and Craig Bartok - copyright Paula Thompson Freelance
Nancy Wilson and Kristian Attard - copyright Paula Thompson Freelance
Ann Wilson is amazing – I can’t believe she sounds as good as she does after more than 30 years in the business! I could’ve closed my eyes and thought “Crazy on You” and “Barracuda” were being played from the record…and “Alone”? Absolutely amazing! Nancy Wilson is a diva on guitar, and still sounded great as well on “These Dreams.” All in all, another fine evening at Artpark.

Nancy Wilson - copyright Paula Thompson Freelance

Sunday, July 22, 2012

24 Hours in a Buffalo Summer – July 20th and 21st

I love living in the Buffalo area, and wouldn’t want to live anywhere else, especially in the summer, when we squeeze every little bit we can out of the beautiful weather. Here’s one example of weekends in Buffalo during the summer – a 24-hour period from 6 p.m. Friday until 6 p.m. Saturday, when I think I drained the batteries on a couple of cameras!
·    Friday night – Firematic tournament at Main-Transit Fire Department – a firematic tournament is a little like drag racing, but the teams practice firematic skills to see who’s the fastest. It’s pretty interesting, and I’ve been around it since I was a kid…it was also a great excuse to try out some new “night racing” camera settings! :) (more photos here)

Ladder competition - Copyright Paula Thompson Freelance
·    Saturday morning – “Man Up!” car show at East Amherst Fire Department – Dad was going to take the Mustangs up, but he didn’t :( We still walked around and checked out the 100-plus cars at the show, which was a charity event.

Copyright Paula Thompson Freelance
·    Saturday afternoon – Amherst Garden Walk – checked out nine of the 35 gardens participating in the Walk this year…maybe someday my gardens will look good enough to enter! Lol
The Flip-Flop Flower Pot - I have one, just haven't done anything with it yet!
Copyright Paula Thompson Freelance

There was plenty more going on in the Buffalo area this weekend, but I needed to get some work done online and around the house…there’s always next weekend! :)

Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Heart of Rock ‘n Roll is still beating – July 3rd

Hi, I’m Paula…I’m a child of the 80s and I love Huey Lewis and The News.

Copyright Paula Thompson Freelance

Now that that’s out of the way – Artpark in Lewiston has a great outdoor summer concert series on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. All the shows used to be free, but with the names they were drawing and the crowds that went with them, they started charging for the Tuesday shows this year – like, barely charging.
It cost me $13.25 to see Huey Lewis and The News kick off the Independence Day holiday (I almost didn’t go, thanks to crazy ol’ Mother Nature!) - $5 for the ticket (like I said, barely charging!) plus $1.25 service charge, $5 for parking and $2 for tolls on the Grand Island bridge – I’d pay that for Huey all day long!! In fact, I’ve paid more to see him!
Huey Lewis for me is the pop version of George Strait – you know he’s good, you know the songs, and even if the show doesn’t change much, you know it’s gonna be a good one just because of the music. That’s what I happily got from Huey :)

Copyright Paula Thompson Freelance

Friday, July 6, 2012

DIRT 358 Mods at DTRP – June 26th

Copyright Paula Thompson
DTRP tried this last year, and only seven cars showed up (there was supposedly a rescheduled points event, so I can’t hold that against the drivers running for points). This year, they teamed up with Airborne Park Speedway in Plattsburg, NY for a four-race series…and they had a few more cars – like a dozen.
Dad and I went to check out this year’s first race at DTRP, the second race in the series. It was pretty cool, but they need to work on the tire compound – WAAAAAY too many blown tires for a 50-lap event. – I even got to a point where I could tell they were going two or three laps prior.
Not sure if I’ll make the second race at Lancaster – er, DTRP (some old habits die hard!) – but since Dad’s cars are running, I might end up there.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

RoC Modifieds at Holland Speedway – June 30th

Hoping for much better results than the previous week’s race at DTRP, Dad and I headed to Holland Speedway last Saturday to watch the RoC Modifieds. In spite of my seemingly life-long involvement in auto racing through Dad, I had never been to Holland…see, they race the same night as Lancaster…er, DTRP, so Dad’s priority has always been his own teams (totally understandable). Through some stroke of luck (or maybe good scheduling), the weekly Saturday show at DTRP was “Crashorama” that night, and Dad is on a Modified kick – lucky me!! :)
Unlike last week’s “demo derby,” there were fewer cautions at Holland, but just as much action! No last lap craziness this time – Matt Hirschman took the lead convincingly from Chuck Hossfeld with a number of laps to go and didn’t look back.
I’m hoping some of these same drivers head back to DTRP for the Druar/Jankowiak Memorial 110 in August – ‘cause I’m on a Modified kick now! :)

All photos: Paula Thompson Freelance